Thomas Jaskov

Senior SEO & AdWords Specialist

Thomas Jaskov is a Senior SEO & AdWords Specialist, with 10+ years experience with SEO, Google AdWords, Google Analytics and Conversion Rate Optimization. He is fully certified in AdWords, Google Analytics and Bing Ads, and the author of the popular book “Getting Started with Google AdWords“.

Igor Bondarenko

Senior Web Developer

Igor Bondarenko is a Senior Web Developer, with 10+ years experience with Web-Development, PHP, MySQL, HTML, CSS and JavaScript. He is specialized in WordPress, developed a lot of WordPress Plugins and finished 50+ projects. Igor is born in Ukraine, and now lives in Poland.

Christina Nelson Sahlberg

Content Specialist / Copywriter

Christina Sahlberg is our Content Specialist. She has previously worked with communication, with primary focus on campaigns. Christina has a master in international business communication (cand.ling.merc) from CBS and lives in Søborg, just outside Copenhagen.

Ljupka Andonovska

Ljupka Andonovska

Senior Graphic Designer

Ljupka Andonovska is a Senior Graphic Designer with more than 7 years of creative experience. She loves creating clean and beautiful designs for both print and web. Ljupka is specialized in graphic design, WordPress SEO optimization, web design and UI/UX design for web and mobile. She is based in Skopje, Macedonia.

Ruben Stochholm

Ruben Stochholm

Digital Marketing Specialist

Ruben has a PBa. in International Trade and Marketing and has been working with online marketing since 2003.
His main areas are: Google Ads, SEO and link building.
His mantra is that SEO should make sense.

Our next colleague?

Digital Marketing Specialist

At Jaskov Consult ApS we are always interested in being contacted by talented candidates, with passion for digital marketing and skills within SEO, Google AdWords or Google Analytics. You are always welcome to send an unsolicited application to thomas@jaskovconsult.dk