Monthly AdWords Performance Report

Once you have your Google AdWords campaigns up and running you receive a whole lot of data, especially if you decided to combine Google AdWords and Google Analytics together. The data can be a bit overwhelming if you do not have any earlier experience analyzing datasets, or just find the dashboard counter-intuitive. Perhaps you and your company just do not have the time to sit and work through the numbers and conclude on the most relevant key factors – it can require some time and getting used to before you are able to find the most important numbers while working with digital marketing and AdWords.

At Jaskov Consult we love geeking out with statistics and numbers and we would love to help you gain an overview of your AdWords results. Among other things we offer a monthly report of Google AdWords, which means that you can lean back and focus on other aspects of your business as we make sure to report back with the most important information every month. Furthermore, we recommend that the monthly reporting is combined with a continuous Google AdWords combination, where we frequently check up on the AdWords campaigns so they constantly give the best return on investment possible. We have several years’ experience with Google AdWords, have all Google’s certifications, are a Google Partner bureau and Thomas Jaskov even wrote a book on Google AdWords. By using us for your monthly Google AdWords reporting you are ensured a great service from one of the most experienced AdWords specialists in Denmark.

In co-operation we will find the most relevant things to report and by further dialogue we can agree on how often you and your company wishes to receive the reports. If you are not sure what you want reports on, we can also help you gain an overview before we start reporting the significant data.

If you and your company have Google Analytics integrated we can also derive many interesting statistics, which can be included in the monthly report. By combining the two you have a very useful tool that can help significantly when you need to know where you are in regards to return on marketing budgets. If your company does not have Google Analytics we are also ready to help integrate this on your website. By doing so you get the possibility of learning much more about your readers, customers and their behavior. It is an extremely valuable tool when you need to know what works great on your website and where there’s room for improvement and further optimization.

Our most important goal is to have 100% satisfied customers and we do our very best to ensure that this goal is met. This means that we have a satisfaction guarantee that covers our first time customers, ensuring that they won’t pay for anything if you they don’t find the results satisfactory.

Why choose Jaskov Consult for SEO & AdWords?

With Jaskov Consult ApS as your SEO and Google AdWords partner you are guaranteed:

  • Excellent service. Monthly reporting. Max. 24 hour response time. Friendly and smiling
  • Focus on quality. We love to create great results. We are very quality conscious
  • We’re data-driven. We follow best practices in Conversion Rate Optimization & A/B testing
  • Danish SEO & AdWords agency. We’re experts with 10+ years of SEO & AdWords experience
  • Fixed price or hourly rate. You don’t risk getting automatically charged every month

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