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3 link building mistakes you should avoid

This article is written by guest blogger Simon Nygård. My name is Simon Nygård and I am Morning Train’s link building specialist. Over the course of the last 2 years, I had many customers interested in advice and help with link building so they could be more successful on Google. You can read more about […]

SEO agency in Copenhagen

Are you looking for a Danish SEO agency in Copenhagen? At Jaskov Consult ApS we have over 10 years of experience with SEO (search engine optimization). The agency is run by our Senior SEO and Google Ads (Adwords) consultant, Thomas Jaskov, who lives in Virum, located in Greater Copenhagen. In addition to Danish SEO, we […]

Thank you for a great 2018

Thank you for a fantastic 2018! 2018 has been a great year for my little SEO and Google Ads agency, Jaskov Consult ApS: – We had a really busy 2018 with lots of customer tasks, and grew both the top and bottom line for the whole year (2018 vs. 2017), by over 30%. It is […]

Guide to setting up a WordPress webshop with One.com

If you need a website and a small webshop, I would recommend the following process, which we have good experience with: 1: You buy a domain + hosting at One.com (we use One.com and are really happy with them … you can of course also choose hundreds of other providers, but now they are the […]

2016 was a great year for Jaskov Consult ApS

2016 has been a fantastic year for my company Jaskov Consult ApS: – 3rd year in a row with strong growth in both top and bottom line. – Over 50% growth in both revenue and profit for the year (2015 vs. 2016) – I have been fortunate to help major companies such as If Forsikring, […]

Free digital marketing courses for beginners

Are you looking for free digital marketing courses? Free digital marketing ebooks? Free professional certifications, which you can add to your CV or Linkedin Profile? If you can answer “yes” to all three questions, then you might be interested in my latest little (well actually not so little) hobby project, called eMarketing Institute. Check out […]

How to work more efficiently with Google Adwords

My most recent article in Computerworld.dk, where I write about how to work more efficiently when working with Google Adwords. The article is called: “How to work more efficiently with Google Adwords”, and its target group is Google Adwords specialists, who work with large amounts of data.

Working with automation in digitial marketing

I have written an article on “automation” (ie how to save time by working with large amounts of data) when working with digital marketing such as Google AdWords and SEO. The article was printed in the magazine Huset Markedsføring. Happy reading and I wish you all a great day :-) http://markedsforing.dk/artikler/digitalt/spar-tid-med-seo-sem

MOZ Pro Subscription

BETTER SERVICE TO MY CUSTOMERS: In order to serve my clients better, I can happily say that Jaskov Consult ApS has chosen to invest in one of the world’s best, heaviest, most famous and largest SEO (Search Engine Optimization) software on the market, namely MOZ. The MOZ Pro license will strengthen my service in keyword […]

Hello world of Adwords

Hello dear world of Google Adwords and internet marketing! This is my first blog posting on www.jaskovconsult.dk, so I hereby welcome myself as a blogger. I will be writing about Google Adwords, Google Analytics, Microsoft Bing Ads, SEO, Pay per click advertising, Search engine marketing, digitial marketing and what ever comes on top of my […]