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Mobile Friendly Website

Mobile Friendly Website

Having a mobile-friendly website is extremely important today for your search engine optimization (SEO), as Google has placed more and more importance on this parameter in recent years. You can read more about that here on Google’s Search Central website: “Mobile site and mobile-first indexing best practices“).

Mobile-first indexing must be put into perspective with the rapidly increasing number of users who choose to access the web on their mobile phones. This fact means that today you do not have one uniform way to design your website, as there is a sea of different screen resolutions. Examples could be: iPhone 10, iPhone 11, iPhone 12, Samsung Galaxy S22, Samsung Galaxy S23…, tablets, smart TV, larger or smaller computer screens, laptops with different screen sizes and so on.

This means that as a business operator you must ensure that your website can be presented without problems, regardless of which type of device the user in question chooses to visit the website with. One of the most popular concepts in mobile-friendly design is the so-called “Responsive Web Design“, which is based on HTML and CSS.

The idea behind responsive web design is that instead of hard-coding the resolution of one or more elements on the website, you instead choose to specify sizes in percentages, which means that an element only takes up x percent of the size of the screen in question. This helps tremendously when different devices have to present the website content to the user. Along with a responsive web design, other concepts such as grid view and viewports are also used, which further ensures that the user experience is preserved, even if the website is not accessed by a desktop computer or a laptop.

At Jaskov Consult, we really want to help you get a handle on the mobile optimization of your website. As mentioned, a mobile-friendly website is extremely important in relation to the SEO value of your website, as Google places more and more emphasis on different devices having a fairly similar experience when they access the website. Nevertheless, you also optimize for your user base when you make the website mobile-friendly. These two can therefore be said to be a pure win-win, since by optimizing for mobile you achieve a greater probability of appearing in the search results, and in addition you increase the chance of a conversion (read more about conversion optimization (CRO) here), a sale or more visitors, as you do not lose the large user segment who choose to surf on their mobile or tablet.

We can help you, regardless of the situation you are in. Have you tried mobile optimization yourself? Are you in doubt that it’s done right? Do not worry. We can review your website and tell you what can be changed so that your users have an even better experience. If you haven’t tried your hand at the field yet, we are also ready to help you take the first step – at Jaskov Consult ApS, we are experts in creating responsive web designs in WordPress, and we can therefore help you get up two date in no time.

If you need other services within digital marketing, such as correct setup of Google Analytics, setup of Danish Google Ads advertising, setup of Microsoft Advertising (Bing Ads) in Denmark or abroad, help with technical SEO optimization of your website, WordPress SEO optimization, setting up goal and conversion tracking, or something else entirely, then you’ve come to the right place. It is also something that we – here at Jaskov Consult ApS – are experts in.

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Contact us if you want to know more about mobile-friendly websites, and your options for having your website optimized for mobile. Contacting us is completely non-binding, and we are always ready to help you.

Our most important mission is to have 100% satisfied customers. We are very much looking forward to talking to you, and hopefully welcoming you on board as a new client with us.

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