Google Ads Setup

Google Ads Setup

Google Ads (AdWords) is one of the best ways to attract new customers for your business. The best way to gain customers online is by using organic search engine optimization (SEO), but it is a long-term strategy, and therefore does not produce results immediately. By using Google Ads you will get results far faster as you pay for appearing on page 1 when Google users search for relevant terms.

Google Ads is in itself quite simple, but it can require some technical know-how to set up correctly. Besides being able to set up the right settings there can also be equally important considerations before starting your Google Ads campaigns. Here at the Danish SEO and Google Ads agency, Jaskov Consult, we can help you become ready to start your first Danish Google Ads campaign. Getting help for setting up Google Ads might sound unnecessary, but one may be surprised to find that the Google Ads dashboard is quite complicated if it’s your first time looking at it.

Setting up a Google Ads account includes knowing which keywords to use, usually found by completing a thorough keyword research. Furthermore, you must set the price you want to offer for each keyword, have an idea of your potential Quality Score, Ad Rank as well as the budget for the Google Ads campaigns.

Even though Google Ads helps companies attract new customers it is not a guarantee for a conversion on your website. Conversions only happen when a desired activity occurs, which can be compared to a reader clicking a “Sign me up!” button for a newsletter or form, or if the user has added an item to the shopping basket. Therefore it is also important that one’s website is prepared for receiving customers from the Google Ads campaigns so that the money isn’t wasted.

We also offer help if you want to know how to set up various Google Ads campaigns as we have several years of experience in making it as simple and efficient as possible. In addition, we also offer setting up Danish Google Shopping campaigns, Google Remarketing, YouTube advertising, setting up Microsoft Advertising (Bing Ads), monthly reporting or ongoing optimization of Google Ads, so that you can concentrate on doing other work related tasks that you might find more important for having continuous success with your company.

Another amazing thing about Google Ads is that it can be combined with Google Analytics, which makes it possible to combine the many various data points and thereby draw interesting conclusions that will help your company understand its customers far better, which gives an increased conversion rate in the end. It is completely voluntary if you want to combine these two Google products but we recommend it highly and it is also something we can help you set up.

Do you need help setting up your Danish Google Ads campaigns correctly?

If you are interested in having your Danish Google Ads campaigns kick started in a proper and professional way we would love having you contact us by email or phone. We have many years of experience with digital marketing, including both Danish SEO and Danish Google Ads, and love being able to help companies with their digital marketing tasks. Contact us for a noncommittal chat about the possibilities your company have using Google Ads.

Why choose Jaskov Consult for SEO & Google Ads?

With Jaskov Consult ApS as your SEO and Google Ads partner, you are guaranteed:

High level of service.

Monthly reporting. Quick response times. We are friendly and smiling

Focus on quality.

We love to create great results. We have a high focus on quality

We are Data-driven.

We follow best-practice within conversion optimization and A/B testing

Danish SEO & Google Ads Agency.

We're experts with 10+ years of Danish SEO & Google Ads experience

Fixed price or hourly rate.

You don't risk getting automatically charged every month

Would you like us to help you? Contact us here or call us on 30111235 for a dialogue about your wishes and needs. We look forward to hearing from you!

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