At Jaskov Consult we offer different courses. A course is meant to increase the knowledge among your employees so that they are able to execute online marketing strategies themselves. Our most sold courses are the so-called workshops, involving either SEO or AdWords. If you want to know more about our SEO Workshop or AdWords workshop, you are more than welcome to contact us.

A workshop is tailor-made to you and your company’s needs. At Jaskov Consult we believe that the best possible learning experience comes from tight knit co-operation and we will therefore piece together a workshop on the basis of a dialogue where it is concluded what it exactly is your company needs to be taught. The point being that it doesn’t matter whether your company is well established or only just getting ready to make its first sale. No matter the size of your company, we are ready to help.

The benefit of a workshop is that after a workshop you no longer need to spend as much on consultants, because your employees are able to execute the online marketing strategies themselves. It might sound counterintuitive that a company such as ours actively diminishes the demand for consultant services by providing workshops. However, our experience is that our customers become very engaged in online marketing, and after their successful execution of their initial marketing strategy they return to receive help with the more advanced search engine optimization processes, such as a technical SEO analysis. Our experience is also that both parties learn something new every time, which we are always ecstatic about.

If you choose to buy a workshop for your company you can expect our SEO grandmaster, Thomas Jaskov, to show up at your office and go through all the errors and points of optimization, which we have found by thorough analysis. Besides pointing out the flaws, Thomas Jaskov also ensures that the flaws can be fixed by providing the necessary tools and knowledge so your company knows what to do after the workshop has finished to optimize successfully, which in turn increases the likelihood of great rankings in the search engine results page.

We tailor our workshops for your company’s level of knowledge so everyone can take part in the workshop without it being too technical or complex. We strive to keep a very informal atmosphere at our workshops with some interesting content. Of course, it is possible to ask questions throughout the workshop so no misunderstandings happen. The learning experience for your company is the most important! After the workshop has finished we will send the bespoke teaching material to your company e-mail as well as a defined plan of action, which help your company execute the marketing strategies afterwards.

So far we have only had 100% successful workshops with happy customers and we hope to give you and your company just as good an experience. Contact us and hear more about the possibilities for a workshop. If you want to read more about our customers’ previous experiences it can be done on Facebook or on Trustpilot.

Why choose Jaskov Consult for SEO & Google Ads?

With Jaskov Consult ApS as your SEO and Google Ads partner, you are guaranteed:

High level of service.

Monthly reporting. Quick response times. We are friendly and smiling

Focus on quality.

We love to create great results. We have a high focus on quality

We are Data-driven.

We follow best-practice within conversion optimization and A/B testing

Danish SEO & Google Ads Agency.

We're experts with 10+ years of Danish SEO & Google Ads experience

Fixed price or hourly rate.

You don't risk getting automatically charged every month

Would you like us to help you? Contact us here or call us on 30111235 for a dialogue about your wishes and needs. We look forward to hearing from you!

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Senior SEO & Google Ads Specialist
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