Google Analytics Health Check

Google Analytics Health Check

A regular review of one’s Google Analytics account can prove to be a very sensible investment of one’s time, as optimization is an iterative process. You are never completely done optimizing, whether it is Google Analytics, Google Ads (formerly known as Google AdWords), Microsoft Ads (Bing Ads) or SEO.

By reviewing your Google Analytics account, you can therefore ensure that you have set goals that suit your company’s situation. In addition, you may come across small errors, which may mean that you do not make full use of Google Analytics’ functionality. An important rule to remember here is that you get what you measure for. If you therefore do not have control over what is actually being measured, you can be just as disadvantaged as when you started using Google Analytics.

If you want our help with a health check (i.e. an in-depth quality assurance) of your Google Analytics account, this will take place in close dialogue, where we will continuously update you on how your Google Analytics account is doing. A Google Analytics account does not necessarily have to be completely problematic in order for it to make sense to have it quality assured, but there may be a lack of follow-up on goal setting and reporting, which can be a catalyst for growth. By making full use of Google Analytics, you have the best possible starting point for increasing your online presence, as the data is invaluable in connection with further optimization work.

When we perform a health check of a Google Analytics account, we always have the following considerations in mind:

  • Does the Analytics tool collect the right data for the specific situation?
  • Is the data reliable or is it influenced by one or more factors?
  • Is there something that is not working as intended – if so, what and how do we fix it?

A health check therefore requires a complete review of all Analytics’ functions, as we want to be 100% sure that your Google Analytics is set up correctly and fully meets your expectations and wishes, and that it is healthy and sound when we are done.

A health check of your Google Analytics account can therefore lead to various deficiencies being rectified, and in addition the Best Practices that are currently applicable to the tool follow. It is important to remember that the optimization work is iterative, which may mean that the Best Practices you introduced when you implemented Google Analytics may no longer apply. There may therefore be potential gold mines that you have not yet exploited.

We have many years of experience with Google Analytics

At Jaskov Consult, we have many years of experience working with Google Analytics. By using us to have your Google Analytics account health checked, you can be sure that the work will be carried out to the letter. We take great care that our customers feel completely happy during the entire process. We even care so much that we offer a satisfaction guarantee, which – among other things – includes that you do not pay for anything if you are not satisfied with our efforts.

Contact us today for a no-obligation consultation to find out what we can offer your business. In addition to quality assurance of your Google Analytics account, there may also be other exciting topics that you would like to have a look at – which we would of course like to help you with. Including correct setting of goals and conversion tracking on your website, WordPress SEO optimization, speed optimization of your WordPress website, conversion rate optimization (CRO) and much more that we can help you and your company with.

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