WordPress SEO Optimization

WordPress SEO Optimization

If you follow our recommendation and create a website using the fantastic CMS WordPress, you still haven’t quite reached your goal. Using WordPress is not the same as well-executed search engine optimization, as the system “only” offers an easy way to get an overview of how to push content out on one’s website and save its users from spending a lot of resources on designing the website itself and ensure that no errors occur.

In WordPress, you have the option of choosing a theme (such as our own favorite WordPress theme and website builder, which is called Elementor) that is often already used by many other websites – of course with the option of customizing it, so that your website bears a unique stamp. Carrying out Danish SEO (search engine optimization) therefore still requires that you have control over the various best practices, and in addition also know where to optimize.

At Jaskov Consult, we are fortunately experts in performing search engine optimization for websites set up with WordPress, and we would really like to help you get a handle on the optimization of your site, if you wish. Our favorite tool in connection with search engine optimization of a WordPress CMS is the so-called “Yoast SEO tool“. Yoast integrates into the WordPress user interface, which means you can easily perform the most important On-Page SEO of your pages and posts inside WordPress. Yoast offers great features such as selection of focus keywords (i.e. the most important keywords that the articles should be SEO optimized towards), change the Meta Descriptions or give your articles suitable, well-optimized titles. It also provides a number of small tips and comments to you at the same time that you enter the SEO-relevant variables. This process ensures that you get as close to best practice as possible. To make it even better, Yoast is completely free.

We will of course help you get a handle on the Yoast tool, which guarantees that you can optimize your next articles as easily as nothing. It is an important skill to possess, as it significantly increases the chance of your articles being found among the search results.

In addition to helping with setting up Yoast, we are also happy to help you with other relevant optimization techniques within WordPress. For example, this could be ensuring that the names of your images and ALT attributes are optimized in relation to best practices, or that we review all articles on your WordPress platform and ensure that everything is SEO optimized as well as it can be, so you maximize your chances of attracting new customers or readers.

In addition to in-depth help with the Yoast SEO plugin, we can also easily help with correct Google Analytics setup, setting up Google Search Console, Google Tag Manager, speed optimization of your WordPress website, SEO optimization and setting up a mobile-friendly WordPress website, local SEO optimization in Denmark or abroad, link building (internal and external link building), conversion rate optimization (CRO), keyword research in Danish or English, backlink analyses, setting up Danish Google Ads in Denmark or abroad, and much more.

If you currently have a website that perhaps uses another, less popular CMS, and you want to switch to something better, we will also be happy to help you migrate your website to WordPress, as it will save you an incredible amount of money, time and effort on the long term. WordPress is the most popular Content Management System for a good reason: It is very intuitive to use and saves its users from having previous knowledge of programming or similar technical expertise.

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