Conversion Rate Optimization

Conversion Rate Optimization

Conversion Rate Optimization is a quite important discipline within the SEO industry as its goal is to increase the amount of users that either complete a purchase, sign up for a newsletter or something else. It is the art of making more visitors become customers, which can be an important catalyst for enabling growth in your company online.

Besides helping increase your company’s sales, Conversion Rate Optimization also has other benefits. Conversion Rate Optimization indirectly helps optimizing for search engines:

  • Better customer understanding

By performing Conversion Rate Optimization you gain a better insight into what your customers prefer – it can be use of language, product descriptions or design. When you utilize Conversion Rate Optimization you ensure that your products and website are tailored to a specific segment of the population. Not everyone has the same preferences, so it’s important that your website gives off a strong signal of what it has to offer – already in the search engine results page.

  • Better Return On Investment (ROI)

If you achieve a higher ROI by using Conversion Rate Optimization you manage to exploit your resources better than before. This can be very useful as you will not have to invest more resources in AdWords campaigns as you already manage to squeeze that extra benefit out of the existing resources.

  • Better customer experience

The user experience is the most important when it comes to doing optimization online. When you perform Conversion Rate Optimization you therefore ensure that you have a complete understanding of your user’s needs, so that the website can be designed to give the best possible user experience. The easier time a user has while browsing the website the higher the chance of a conversion is. Furthermore, this also optimizes for search engines as a better interaction between user and website is rewarded by Google, as they actively measure certain “metrics” (these can be explored further in our guide about SEO).

  • More trust among your visitors

By using Conversion Rate Optimization you ensure that the website is as user friendly and welcoming as possible. This helps give off the impression of being a trustworthy website, which can mean that the visitors are more inclined to input sensitive information such as credit card information. This is again affecting the search engine optimization as it also improves the so called “metrics” that are usually rewarded by a higher placement in Google’s search engine results page.

It is furthermore important to remember that the optimization process is iterative. Even though you might have performed Conversion Rate Optimization in the beginning of your online marketing campaign, the facts that you found might be outdated. Best Practices constantly change and the visiting audience can also have changed over time. By performing frequent Conversion Rate Optimizations you ensure that you’re always ahead of the curve, which can increase your revenue significantly.

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