Google Analytics Setup

To set up a Google Analytics account can seem a bit overwhelming – especially if you do not have any previous experience with Google’s products. However, this should not scare you away. Google Analytics is one of the most important marketing tools that your company can use. By using Google Analytics you gain the ability to get insights into vital subjects such as geographical placement of your visitors, the websites that send traffic your way, how many visitors you have, how many visitors actually convert and which type of content is the most popular.

Basically this means that Google Analytics gives you the ability to improve your website with solid datasets instead of optimizing “in the dark”.

At Jaskov Consult we love working with Google Analytics and we have several years’ experience with the tool. We can help you and your company set up Google Analytics in the right way and we will furthermore help you get started so you can start using the tool yourself, if that’s what you want. If you would rather have us take control of Google Analytics we also offer a monthly reporting, which you can read more about here.

Google Analytics is “installed” on your website by inserting a piece of code between a < script > tag, which activates Analytics and thereby begins reporting data to the Google account you have decided to associate with the website in question. If you use WordPress or a similar well known CMS it is quite easy to insert the code snippet, but it still requires some knowledge about websites as the script has to be inserted into the of the website.

To create an account and activate Analytics is the easy part of the Google Analytics setup. After doing so you must create goals and understand how to use the tool to its maximum capability – the better you learn the functionality, the greater benefits you will achieve from the tool in the future. The most successful websites are able to exploit all the functionalities to their full potential, and by using our service we can help you obtain similar expert knowledge.

If you have clicked your way into Google Analytics and had a look around you have probably noticed that there are a lot of different categories. We can help you understand these categories so you know where to look when it is time to create an overview of the visitors from today, the week or the month.

One of the most amazing things about Google Analytics is that it can be integrated with Google AdWords with minimal hassle, which means that you get the best from both worlds. Doing so creates the opportunity to optimize your marketing costs even further, so you obtain the best possible information to increase visitor numbers, conversion or something else.

If some of the above has piqued your interest we would love to hear from you. Contact us today and let us tell you how we can help you and your company gain access to this amazing tool.

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