Backlink Analysis

Backlink Analysis

A backlink analysis can be a very important element in your SEO campaign. A backlink analysis typically works by us analyzing your website’s backlink profile and furthermore analyzing your closest competitors, which gives us an idea about where your website stands in comparison to your competitors. By doing so we gain a great foundation for the later off-page optimization process and usually you find a couple of very good links that competitors might have picked up before one self. By doing a backlink analysis you get the opportunity to overtake or at least have as strong a backlink profile as your competitors, which means that you can focus on other SEO techniques to gain the advantage over your competitors and thereby gain an even better ranking in the search engine results page. By combining a backlink analysis with a on-page optimization technique such as technical SEO your website will be in great shape for search engines and visitors. The increased amount of quality backlinks can result in better SERP rankings and the technical optimization will ensure a great user experience.

At Jaskov Consult we’re experts in doing all sorts of SEO analyses so a backlink analysis is not a problem for us. We use a plethora of different tools that help us understand the structure behind the link profile of various websites and by the use of our combined years’ experience we are able to find the diamonds in the rough, which can be added to your backlink profile and thereby increase your website’s trustworthiness.

When executing a backlink analysis we don’t only look at the number of links, which your or someone else might have. There are several parameters such as the number of unique domains, the usage and quality of anchor texts, the timestamp for the various links as well as the general state of the website in question.

As all the above points towards a backlink analysis is a completely essential part of being able to linkbuild effectively. It’s important to know where a website stands in regards to links before starting a linkbuilding campaign. If one’s website is plagued by spammy links, where the quality is non-existent it might be a good idea to use the disavow tool as the first step in the linkbuilding campaign, even though it might seem counterintuitive.

The ability to decide between good and bad links is another benefit of performing a backlink analysis. By performing such an analysis you minimize the chance for being penalized by Google, which can hurt a website for an unknown amount of time.

So when should you do a backlink analysis? It’s a great question because our opinion is that it’s an iterative process that helps at various points in time during a linkbuilding campaign. In the beginning of the campaign it gives a great foundation for the later optimization, if you disregard performing a backlink analysis in the beginning of the campaign you work in total blindness, which can be dangerous as discussed above. When reaching halfway through the campaign it might also be a great idea to do a backlink analysis to be able to measure the difference between when you first started and where you are now. Without the dataset you’re unable to compare and thereby you can’t make an objective valuation of how the campaign currently is going. At the end of the campaign it’s a great idea to perform the last backlink analysis as you can use all the datasets to conclude on the success of the linkbuilding campaign statistically.

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