Ongoing Google Ads Optimization

Even though you might have setup Google Ads campaigns with success it can be tough to get started on a new series of campaigns. The reason being that there always are new ways to combine keywords or experiment with other strategies to increase the conversion rate or lower the CPC (Cost Per Click). If you do not have the time or interest in gaining expert knowledge about all that Google Ads (AdWords) has to offer we are here to help you. We offer continuous Google Ads optimization, which means that you are in safe hands if you decide to leave your Google Ads campaigns to us as we will ensure that your Google Ads campaigns run smoothly with the best possible price for the most relevant keywords for your company.

The smart thing about Google Ads and organic search engine optimization is that you get the best of both worlds. While your Google Ads campaigns help you gain conversions and visitors in the short run, organic search engine optimization runs in the background and ensures that you create a healthy website in the long run that will attract a lot of traffic from Google and other search engines. However, both types of marketing require a continuous optimization process. Otherwise you risk being overtaken by competitors or being outdated on Best Practices and such.

Examples of continuous optimization could be us following the price tendencies for several keywords, continuous “spying” of competitors Google Ads profiles to see if they have any low hanging fruits that can be utilized for our customer’s company or just looking at the available data to see if there are any places that can be improved to make the Google Ads campaigns even better, which creates a better ROI (Return On Investment) for the company. Digital marketing is amazing as there is always something new that one can optimize, which means that optimization is never a job done. By continuous Google Ads optimization an opportunity presents itself to increase exposure to new potential customers, which in the end gives a better visibility online, more customers and a better ROI – all from using Google Ads and a continuous optimization process.

By letting us help you with optimization you can spend your time and energy working with the things that you do best. Naturally, such a partnership requires 100% mutual trust, and we bear a huge responsibility as marketing can be a key factor in creating the necessary revenue. We therefore make sure that we update our customers frequently and if you decide to hire us to perform continuous Google Ads optimization for your company we guarantee that we will update you as soon as any drastic changes happen, which can have an effect on you and your company. Our most important goal at Jaskov Consult is to have 100% satisfied customers and we will go great lengths to ensure this goal being met. We offer a satisfaction guarantee and we always walk the extra mile for our clients.

Why choose Jaskov Consult for Danish SEO & Google Ads?

With Jaskov Consult ApS as your Danish SEO & Google Ads partner you are guaranteed:

  • Excellent service. Monthly reporting. Max. 24 hour response time. Friendly and smiling
  • Focus on quality. We love to create great results. We are very quality conscious
  • We’re data-driven. We follow best practices in Conversion Rate Optimization & A/B testing
  • Danish SEO & Google Ads agency. We’re experts with 10+ years of Danish SEO & Google Ads experience
  • Fixed price or hourly rate. You don’t risk getting automatically charged every month

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