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Local SEO is a form of SEO that has grown exponentially in recent years. The reason being that more and more users have begun using their mobile devices to surf the internet. The catch is that mobile devices usually have location services turned on, which means that Google and other services can find out exactly where their users are. Local SEO is a technique to utilize this to increase the local users’ knowledge of your company and website, e.g. by making sure that Google present your website first to the users in your immediate local area that could be interested in buying your services. This is quite important as more and more users have started using the internet to find out information about companies instead of more traditional ways such as using a phone book or getting recommendations from a friend. Just think of Trustpilot, which is used as a way of reviewing a company before making a purchase!

Local SEO is a quite new phenomenon so best practices have only just begun rising to the surface. However, there are still some things that are great to do when talking local optimization for one’s website or company. Local ranking factors can be things such as including names, addresses and phone numbers on the website so Google can use this information to put the website in the organic search results where they see a potential match between the website and users in the local area.

The amazing thing about local SEO is that it converts far better than traditional SEO. If you have a physical shop you increase the chances of making a cross-channel sale, if you have ensured optimal optimization. Potential customers can stumble upon your website and perhaps find something interesting. A way to make sure that your website really is present locally could be to sign up to relevant(!) catalogues, which list your company’s address etc. An example in Denmark being the service krak.dk, where your company and website can be included in the “similar to” tab, when a potential customer uses the service. Naturally, Google also has its own service that is called “Google My Business” and we recommend that you list your own company here as well as there is a bit of speculation whether Google rewards users of its own social media and services higher than if users use third party services.

At Jaskov Consult we can help you understand local SEO so you appear in all relevant situations, where potential customers in your local area perform a search query that relates to your company and website. There is a huge potential for local SEO as it is projected that there will be even more mobile users on the internet in the future – by being ahead of the curve there is a great reward to obtain especially when you consider that local SEO currently is completely free as you optimize for the organic traffic as opposed to paid services such as AdWords.

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