Google Shopping

Google Shopping

Google Shopping is one of Google’s newest products and it’s an incredible opportunity to increase one’s conversion rate. Just as Google AdWords, Google Shopping is based on paid ads. Instead of the ad being show as plain text (as it is the case with AdWords), a picture is shown of chosen products with prices instead. It is therefore  an amazing tool for companies that want to sell products on the internet – by choosing select products you can increase your chance of a conversion happening. The great thing is that a potential customer can click the product ad directly from the search engine results page and thereby get the opportunity to buy the product within a few clicks – meaning that the chance of a conversion happening is a lot higher than if the customer had to get to the product by traditional web surfing. Basically, Google Shopping works by companies sending in product lists to Google, who then transform the sent in lists into product ads. Even though the process sounds quite simple there is a lot of work to be done before the product list can be sent in.

At Jaskov Consult we are ready to help you start using Google Shopping for your company so you can enjoy the benefits in the form of increased sales or conversion in case there’s a demand for your products. Even though we can’t guarantee conversion on behalf of Google Shopping it is still an incredible opportunity to promote new products, increase traffic to your website or gain new customers – the increased traffic might be interested in exploring the rest of your website and find additional products to add to their basket.

Google Shopping works just as Google AdWords payment wise. The CPC concept is therefore also the case for Google Shopping. This means that you only pay whenever a potential customer clicks the ad. The price for a click is decided by auction, where you decide how much you want to offer for a specific keyword. However, one must be vary that price is not the only deciding factor in an auction. Google cares so much about its customers that they would rather ensure the best possible customer experience rather than making as much money as possible – said in another way they expect that the increased customer satisfaction will result in a higher operating income instead of trying to deceive their users and maximize income.

Compared to Google AdWords, Google Shopping is extremely useful as an ad will show more than one product, where an AdWords ad will only contain one link to a landing page. This means that even though the customer might not be interested in one of the products, there can still be something else within the Google Shopping ad that can make the customer click the ad and thereby make a conversion likely to happen.

At Jaskov Consult we would love to help you set up Google Shopping so you can enjoy the benefits of this relatively new Google product. Contact us today for a noncommittal chat about how we can help you and your company – our most important goal is to have 100% satisfied customers and we work by this principle religiously. If you are not happy about the result you will not have to pay for anything, as is described in our satisfaction guarantee.

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