Google Shopping

Google Shopping

Google Shopping is one of Google’s amazing initiatives, and an excellent opportunity to increase your conversion rate. Like Google Ads (formerly known as Google AdWords), Google Shopping consists of paid ads or Cost Per Click (CPC). Instead of the ad being displayed as plain text, as is the case with Google Ads text ads, images of selected products with corresponding prices are displayed instead. It is therefore an absolutely fantastic tool for companies that want to sell products on the Internet. By selecting special products, you can increase the chance of a conversion. The benefit for you as an advertiser is that potential customers can click on this product ad directly from the search results, thereby purchasing the product with just a few clicks – this means that the chance of a conversion is significantly greater than if the customer had to enter through other channels first. Basically, it works by you as a company sending in a product list to Google (this is of course something we can help with), which is then converted into the mentioned product ads. Although the process may sound quite simple, there is a lot of preliminary work that needs to be done before this product list can be sent in and function optimally.

At Jaskov Consult, we are ready to help you connect Google Shopping to your business, so that you can enjoy the benefits in the form of increased sales or more conversions, if there is a demand for your particular products. Although we cannot guarantee conversions on the basis of Google Shopping, it is still a very good opportunity to promote new products, increase your traffic on the website or get new potential customers – it could be that they click on from the landing page and look at the rest of your website.

In terms of payment, Google Shopping works in exactly the same way as Google Ads (AdWords). The CPC concept therefore also applies to Google Shopping, which means that you only pay each time a potential customer clicks on the ad. The price for a click is determined using an “auction”, where you choose how much you want to bid. However, you must be aware that many other variables than just price are included. The quality of the ads and landing page plays a particularly large role. Google thinks long-term, and cares more about their users getting a great user experience than making as much money as possible in the short term. Put another way, Google expects user preference – in the form of being the users’ preferred search engine – to produce the best results in the long term. And that is why Google also makes high demands on advertisers placing high value on the quality of both ads and landing pages.

Compared to Google Ads, Google Shopping is extremely useful for certain types of product searches, as the Google Shopping ads appear at the very top of the SERP – short for Search Engine Result Page. Since visibility is high at the top of Google, this means that many users on certain types of product searches click on a Google Shopping ad before considering alternatives further down the search results page.

Let us help you with your Danish Google Shopping advertising

At Jaskov Consult, we would really like to help you set up your Danish Google Shopping campaigns, so that you can enjoy the many advantages that this relatively new concept brings. Contact us today for a no-obligation conversation about how we can help your business. Our most important goal is to have 100% satisfied customers, and this is something we work towards. If you are not satisfied with our work, of course you do not have to pay for it. You can read more about this on our satisfaction guarantee.

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