SEO Workshop

SEO Workshop

A SEO workshop can be very rewarding for you and your company as the attendees’ knowledge capital is increased, which can be a long term investment that is more feasible economically as that eliminates the need for consultants doing the same job. When a SEO workshop is held, our expert, Thomas Jaskov, will walk through one or more subjects which we agree on in a close dialogue before the event is held – ensuring that the benefit is maximized for your company.

A SEO workshop is therefore tailored for the organization’s level of knowledge, so all the attendees can understand the content and gain something valuable from it. Thomas Jaskov has several years’ experience organizing workshops and he ensures that all participants are engaged with the possibility of asking questions at any time if necessary so that the best possible learning experience is ensured. After the workshop is finished we will send the lecture material to your company so it can be reviewed later on if repetition is needed.

The benefit of buying a workshop is that it increases the level of knowledge in your company, which can help make the employees become aware of how to think in regards to SEO while performing their daily objectives. This is one of the most important benefits of a SEO workshop as it can increase the search engine optimization indirectly and eliminate the need for expensive consultant services later on.

Contact us today for a chat about how we can help your company increase the level of SEO knowledge so you can become even better at search engine optimization. It is an investment that has the possibility of giving an amazing return – besides getting practical tools that can be put to use right after the workshop has ended, our experience is that all the participants find the workshops entertaining and interesting. We tailor each workshop to the individual customer and further details are usually agreed upon in close dialogue. We are open towards all types of SEO workshops and will suit any particular need.

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Excellent service.

Monthly reporting. Max. 24 hour response time. Friendly and smiling

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We’re data-driven.

We follow best practices in Conversion Rate Optimization & A/B testing

Danish SEO & Google Ads agency.

We’re experts with 10+ years of Danish SEO & Google Ads experience

Fixed price or hourly rate.

You don’t risk getting automatically charged every month

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