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Linkbuilding is one of the most important techniques when it comes to Off-Page SEO. By performing linkbuilding, you increase your website’s trustworthiness through external channels. This increases your trust among the search engines, as well as increases the probability, that more visitors will end up on your website as the various incoming links pose an opportunity for interested readers to surf to your website. If you have never heard of linkbuilding before, we recommend you read our guide about linkbuilding as it gives you a basic understanding of what the technique contains and also what to be vary of when linkbuilding.

But even though linkbuilding is a very important technique it is also in a somewhat grey area when it comes to Google’s guidelines. Google has stated that you may not actively manipulate a link profile. Therefore linkbuilding requires great care and carefulness not to make it too obvious that you’re attempting to “cheat” your way to the top of the search engine results page. Furthermore, linkbuilding can be harmful for your website if you don’t know what you’re doing. Links have varying quality, and specific strategies must be followed. If you attempt to gain as many links as possible in a short timespan without taking notice of the sender and receiver relationship you risk being penalized, which destroys one’s ranking in the search engine results page. The reason being that Google associates the different links with your website and give you a ranking based on the average value of all the links combined (with a lot of other parameters in the formula as well!). Therefore, if you have an objectively bad link profile Google will also consider the website to be of a low quality, which is shown in the SERP (Search Engine Results Pages) ranking. Furthermore, with the above strategy you risk being punished very quickly as a massive increase in the amount of links shows a sign of actively manipulating the link profile.

Therefore linkbuilding requires the ability to be able to define a good and a bad link. It requires some technical knowledge of how links work in a search engine context, but as a rule of thumb you can look at the sender/receiver relationship to decide. In which context was the link created in? As an example consider a mention on a news site with a referring link to your website. In this case it’s a relatively good link – the link was created naturally (it is, what we would call an “earned link”) and it is also a great service for the news site’s readers as it means, that curious readers can click their way onto your website to read more about you and your services. An example of a bad link could be a link from a link catalogue, where you usually buy your way in. Here there is no relevancy between sender and receiver and there is no added value for the users as it is a very low number of humans that ever visit a link catalogue.

Let us help you with Danish link building

At Jaskov Consult we would love to help you perform linkbuilding in the correct way, which minimizes the risk of you ending up in Google’s penalty system. We offer advice and guidance and by conducting an initial backlink analysis, we will help you find interesting Danish or international websites, where a backlink will add value for both parties. By making sure that the created links in a linkbuilding campaign create value for two or more parties and are of the highest quality, you thereby run a minimal risk of being punished, as you emphasize, that the links are meant to increase the user experience.

Contact us today and find out how we can help you with Danish link building. We are looking forward to hear from you.

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