YouTube Advertising

YouTube Advertising

YouTube advertisement is an amazing way to attract new customers or readers. Several million users visit YouTube every day and it is therefore a platform with a huge audience. By advertising through YouTube your ad can be presented before or during a video is played. It’s possible to add Call To Actions to YouTube ads, which the potential customer can click to be redirected to your website. YouTube uses the technology called TrueView, which you can read more about on YouTube’s own website.

The benefit of advertising on YouTube is that the audience is vast and that you furthermore get data that doesn’t have to be analyzed to a greater extent as you can gain easy insights into how your ad is doing on YouTube. As an example you can easily check how many people have viewed your ad and how long time they’ve spent watching it. The amazing thing about YouTube is that it’s also a part of Google’s products, which means that several of the elements we know other products such as Google Remarketing and Google AdWords also are in play here. What we mean by this is that you only pay for a YouTube ad if someone chooses to watch it. Now, “choosing to watch it” can have many different definitions and therefore Google has decided to say that a user decides to watch an ad if they spend at least 30 seconds of their time watching the ad, which makes the advertiser pay. If the YouTube ad is shorter than 30 seconds the only requirement is that the potential customer decides to watch the whole ad through before payment is required by the advertiser.

As an advertiser this is an incredible great deal as you receive a lot of free exposure. Persons that decide to skip the ad still get to see the first five seconds, which can mean a lot later on if the ad is of high quality. Exactly this is the reason why YouTube and digital marketing gives such a great value for money compared to traditional ads. Furthermore, ads that are “alive” are preferred among customers rather than plain text as the audience has an easier time remembering sounds and pictures rather than text – just think of any “dumb” TV ad, where you still remember their slogan or melody. Lastly, but definitely not least important, advertising through YouTube is a way to advertise without the potential customers having to prompt for it through relevant keywords – exactly as it happens on television.

The YouTube platform has to different ways to show ads:

  • TrueView In-Display

Here, the ads are very similar to what we experience from Google Adwords advertising in Google’s search results. When the user makes queries that match relevant keywords the video ad will be shown at the top of the YouTube search results, where the user has the ability to click the ad if it falls into his or hers interest.

  • TrueView In-Stream

This form for advertisement is exactly what we talked about in the first few paragraphs. Your ad will be shown before a YouTube video is played and can be skipped after approximately 5 seconds, if the user doesn’t want to watch the rest of the ad. If the potential customers instead choose to watch the whole video, or just spend 30 seconds, the advertiser will be required to pay for the ad – otherwise it’s free.

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