Website Speed Optimization

Website Speed Optimization

Having a website that loads quickly is an important SEO parameter that is given a lot of attention within the On-Site SEO profession. If you don’t have a website that loads quickly, you run the risk of potential customers leaving your website very quickly, which can end up damaging your ranking in the search results. The reason for this is that Google and other search engines want to give their customers the best possible user experience. Imagine that you access five websites in a row via Google, where they load incredibly slowly – your immediate reaction will be that you doubt the search engine’s ability to find “good” websites, and this can therefore damage the search engine’s user numbers. The algorithms of Google and other search engines therefore keep a close eye on how quickly the indexed websites load, and reward the websites that load quickly with a better ranking in the search results (all other things being equal, as of course many other parameters are also included in the acquisition of your ranking).

Ensuring that one’s website is speed optimized is therefore an important thing to keep track of. At Jaskov Consult, we have many years of experience in helping companies to get their websites optimized for speed, so that they do not risk losing revenue as a result of reader flight.

Speed optimization involves various techniques, but the most common way to do it is by running the website through some tools (such as, among others, the popular GTMetrix and Google’s free tool called PageSpeed Insights), after which you systematically review the various optimization points and ensure, that the speed of the website is increased.

The most typical reasons for a slow loading speed for a website are that page caching is turned off, a slow back-end (server), lack of compression of images, the server is located far away from your customer base, lack of scaling in relation to the number of visitors, too many plugins or an outdated CMS (content management system).

As can be seen from the above examples, speed optimization is one of On-Page SEO‘s more technical optimization techniques, but you should not be afraid to give it a go, as there is a lot to be gained if your website suffers from one or more symptoms. In cooperation with us, we clarify what is wrong with your website and lay out a strategy for how we can best solve these problems. And then of course we put on the work gloves and fix the problems so that your website is optimized and meets Google’s (and not least the users’) high standards. The symptoms have varying degrees of complexity in relation to how difficult they are to solve, but no matter what, there is always a solution.

One of the simplest solutions could be to switch to WordPress if you are currently using an outdated CMS that is no longer supported or is a patch solution made many years ago. As diametrically opposed, symptoms such as back-end problems, server location, caching or scaling can take a little more time to resolve, as it typically requires communication with your server provider. A possible solution could also be to use a cloud-based solution such as Amazon Web Services or the like, since you often will have the option to choose the server location yourself (they have servers all over the world), and can also choose to turn page caching on or off, as needed. Last, but certainly not least, you only pay for the server space you use, which means that the service automatically scales up when the number of visitors rises above normal.

Do you need help with speed optimization of your WordPress website?

If you think that technical SEO optimization work, such as speed optimization of your WordPress website sounds interesting, and you would like to hear more, then you are more than welcome to contact us. We help both large and small Danish and international companies. We work both on projects, but can also offer an ongoing SEO cooperation, ongoing optimization of Google Ads, setting up an SEO-friendly WordPress website and much more.

Digital marketing, including especially Danish SEO, Danish Google Ads setup and optimization, Google Analytics setup and web development of beautiful, SEO-friendly and user-friendly WordPress websites, is completely in our heart’s blood, and it is something we have many years of experience in. We here at Jaskov Consult ApS are very much looking forward to hearing from you, so that we can jointly have a dialogue about how we would be able to help you.

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