Keyword Research

Keyword Research

A keyword analysis can prove to be extremely valuable for your online marketing strategy as you receive a list of keywords which you should focus on while executing your marketing strategy. The keyword analysis is furthermore a quite important tool as keywords are how potential customers find your websites by using search engines. A well optimized website with quality content with the best possible keywords will be shown to the correct audience in the search results.

The importance of being able to rank high on specific keywords is furthermore emphasized by the fact that research shows that 1/3 of Google’s users click the first link in the SERP (Search Engine Results Page), where 18% click the second. If you wish to get a large volume of visitors from organic channels you must be placed in the top 3, which requires a thorough research beforehand. At Jaskov Consult we have several years’ experience with keyword analysis and can therefore help you find the best possible keywords, which can bring your website to the top of the SERP. If you want to try executing a keyword analysis yourself we have written a guide, which hopefully helps you get started – and if you think that it’s too complicated to get started you’re always welcome to contact us for assistance.

The most important considerations you must make when performing a keyword analysis are the following:

  • How much competition is there on the keyword(s) in question?

It is important that one analyzes how much competition there is for a specific keyword before content is written for it. In an industry such as the car industry a keyword such as “sell car” will have a very high degree of competition. It will therefore take extremely long time to rank on that keyword organically and if one wish to beat the competitors by paying for AdWords it will be very expensive as the AdWord price is usually set from a demand/supply perspective. By doing a thorough keyword analysis you can therefore choose the ideal keywords, which are still relevant for your industry without being impossible to rank on organically.

  • What type of people do I want to attract?

By using search engine optimized text you attempt to lure people in who use the same keyword in their search query. To use the car industry example again you can imagine that there are many different people who search for this term. Perhaps it’s curious teenagers who want to look at expensive sport cars or it might be retirees who are interested in selling their car as they don’t use it anymore. As the example shows a wide keyword such as “sell car” attracts a vast audience. As a company you should think about which kind of audience you’re interested in attracting and thereby focus on specific keywords that match that profile.

  • Long-tail or short-tail keywords?

A growing tendency in keywords is the so-called long-tail keywords which are sentence like keywords. The great part about long-tail keywords is that the queries are usually done by persons who know exactly what they’re interested in. Even though these long-tail keywords might have a low search volume there is still a very good chance of a conversion happening. To use the car industry once more a long-tail keyword could be something like a specific car model with the engine size and year of production included. If you have chosen to optimize for this long-tail keyword there is a very good possibility that you will rank in the top 3 and thereby increase your chance of a conversion dramatically.

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