Goals and Conversion Tracking

Goals and Conversion Tracking

To be able to set targets for your website’s performance is incredibly important if you wish to take your company’s efforts seriously. By creating targets for subjects such as visitors and conversions you have a realistic way to be able to follow your website’s ability to fulfill these targets and intervene if this isn’t the case. By having a set target you are able to track your company’s performance online. It is similar to the balance sheet, which is released each year – by the help of historic data you can create a strategy for future performance.

Our favorite tool when measuring specific goals is the so called Google Analytics. By the help of this tool you gain access to a vast array of data regarding the website in question, provided that the tool is activated and used appropriately. The tool offers functionality, which can help you set up the necessary goals that fit you and your company the best.

Besides Google Analytics it can be a very good idea to use specific “metrics” to measure how well your company is doing. We recommend the following:

  • Look at where the traffic comes from

By looking at the traffic’s place of origin you can get a quite good idea of whether the corresponding traffic should give a high conversion rate or not. An example could be a visitor who comes from a Google ad that contains a Call To Action of buying one or more products on your website. In such a case you could imagine that the conversion rate of such visitors generally should be quite high, as the visitor shows interest in buying a product from your website. If a conversion doesn’t take place you can start looking at the website’s user friendliness to look at if something needs to be improved to increase the online success.

  • Conversion on combinations of keywords

By looking at this metric you can gain insights into which keywords create the best possible conversion, which in return can help you tailor your Google AdWords campaigns even further so you put your money where there is the best possible chance of revenue generation. Naturally, the prerequisite for looking at this metric is that you already have looked at Google AdWords and the possibilities this tool offers. If this isn’t the case we would love to help you get familiar with Google AdWords, which we also offer as a service.

The above is only a couple of examples of what you can measure to track conversion rates. At Jaskov Consult we have several years’ experience with measuring and tracking conversion rates and if some of the above has caught your interest we would like to enter a dialogue with you. If you want to read more about who we are you can find more here, and if you want to have a chat about what your company’s possibilities are no matter the optimization circumstances you are more than welcome to contact us here. We look forward to hearing from you!

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