Technical SEO Audit

Technical SEO Audit

A technical SEO analysis is an important part of our Danish SEO services, and it helps us optimize your website in regards to both visitor and search engine. This method of optimization can be very valuable for your website as you receive a report, which you can use to optimize further.

At Jaskov Consult we use tools such as Google Search Console, which helps us gain an overview of your company’s website, where we can use the data to write the technical SEO report to conclude on the points of optimization. There is a number of different technical optimization categories. By getting a technical SEO analysis you gain an overview of which categories you should focus on the most to improve the user experience and furthermore to make it easier for search engines to understand what kind of content your website offers.

A couple of examples of the most common technical SEO errors we stumble upon during a technical SEO analysis could be:

  • Missing Meta Description
  • HTTP Status Codes

Missing Meta Description

If you do not have a unique Meta Description for every page, then you’re cheating yourself and your website for a possibility to differentiate the different pages. The Meta Description works as a short summary of the page in question and together with the Page Title and URL it is what makes a potential visitor click his way onto your website from the search engine results page (SERP) from Google or a similar search engine.

HTTP Status Codes

Another frequent error we see while performing these technical SEO analyses is the so-called HTTP status code, where companies have forgotten to update their anchors after moving a resource, which results in a 404-error. This can be damaging to your SEO as it can worsen the user experience, if it occurs frequently. Another more complicated status code is the so-called 302 code, which tells search engines that the resource has been moved temporarily, which limits the transferred SEO value from one domain to another. We frequently experience that companies have used a 302-redirect even though the redirection is permanent. In such cases a 301-redirection should be used.

The above two examples are just one (or rather: two drops) in the ocean. The list of technical SEO problems that can arise is very long. Fortunately, we have many years of experience with technical search engine optimization, and are ready to help you.

We are ready to help you with technical SEO

We have several years’ of experience with  technical SEO analysis and can therefore help you getting started on the optimization process. A typical technical SEO analysis entails that we first and foremost analyze the website with the tool mentioned above. After doing so we use the data points to conclude the points of optimization into two documents, which are sent to the customer.

The first document is a so-called technical SEO report, where we bring the concluded data and also give good advice to the optimization afterwards. The report can therefore be seen as a type of handbook that makes it possible to work on your websites’s search engine optimization on a more technical level. The other document is an Excel-sheet, which is an extension of the technical SEO report. Here, we reference from the report to the Excel sheet, where all the mentioned data can be found. The Excel sheet typically contains the mentioned categories as well as the URLs, which makes it relatively easy to begin the optimization process as the only requirement is the necessary time to go through the errors and execute according to best practices.

Contact us if you want to get help starting the technical optimization process for your website. We are ready to help, no matter how big your company’s website is.

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