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Google Remarketing

Google Remarketing

Google Remarketing is an important tool companies can use to increase the chances of more conversions and increased sales. The concept is that you use remarketing to show ads to people who have already visited your website. As an example, it can be advantageous to advertise to people who have visited your website without having bought anything. You can thereby show them ads that are in line with their actions on the website, which can result in a sale if everything goes as planned. The ads are not only displayed in Google’s search results, but rather on almost all Danish or international websites that have advertising enabled. This means that a person who has previously visited your website can, for example, see one of your advertisements on YouTube or in connection with a visit to another website.

Google Remarketing works technically by inserting a cookie into the visitor’s browser, which is used so that the advertising network can identify the visitor and then show ads from the website in question, wherever the previous visitor is on the internet.

The advantages of Google Remarketing are many, but one of the most important is that it gives you the opportunity to keep in touch with previous visitors, even if they leave your website. A returning customer has a much higher chance of resulting in an additional sale, as they already know your brand and what products your website sells.

Other benefits include:

  • More data points that help you make your marketing efforts even better, giving you a higher ROI in the long term
  • You get the opportunity to advertise on millions of websites, all that is required is that the previous visitor surfs a website that contains ads
  • Specific wishes for remarketing – For example, you can choose to advertise something specific to the people who have put something in their basket without buying
  • You help previous visitors to find your website again if, after their visit, they have forgotten what the name of your website was

Google Remarketing thus helps to get your company’s brand higher in the top of mind of previous visitors, which can significantly increase the chances of a sale, as they will naturally think of you and your website to a greater extent the next time they have to use a product found in your product catalog.

Google Remarketing has many different variables that can be twisted and turned to tailor the perfect Google Remarketing campaign for your website. It may seem a bit overwhelming, but we are of course ready to help you set everything up so that you can enjoy the many advantages that Google Remarketing brings.

Something else absolutely fantastic is that it is another one of Google’s products, which means that it naturally cooperates with the other Google services. This means that the Google Ads (AdWords) “engine room” is used for setting up remarketing advertising and that there are therefore no surprises in terms of pricing or effectiveness. Google Remarketing is a fantastic tool that has the potential to raise your conversion rate and thus give you an improved ROI.

We are ready to help you with your Danish Google Remarketing advertising

Jaskov Consult, which is a Danish SEO and Google Ads agency based in Copenhagen, has many years of experience with setting up Danish and international remarketing campaigns. We love creating Google Remarketing campaigns and we really want to help you get ready to use this wonderful tool to increase your conversion rates and achieve additional sales. Contact us today for a non-binding conversation about how Google Remarketing advertising can benefit your business.

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