How to write succesfully for the web

How To Write Succesfully For The Web

Writing for the web is not as different from writing to print. In both cases you have to get the reader’s attention and get through with your message.

There are however specific rules you should consider if you wish to write successful texts for the web.

Here are ten simple rules to follow which all help to sharpen up your texts. Read more

free digital marketing courses

Free digital marketing courses for beginners

Are you looking for free digital marketing courses?

Free digital marketing ebooks?

Free professional certifications, which you can add to your CV or Linkedin Profile?

If you can answer “yes” to all three questions, then you might be interested in my latest little (well actually not so little) hobby project, called eMarketing Institute. Check out the 10 free beginners level courses within Digital Marketing, Web Analytics, Search Engine Marketing (also known as Pay-Per-Click Marketing), SEO (short for Search Engine Optimization), Social Media Marketing (SMM), Online Marketing Fundamentals etc.? Read more

working with automation in digital marketing

Working with automation in digitial marketing

I have written an article on “automation” (ie how to save time by working with large amounts of data) when working with digital marketing such as Google AdWords and SEO. The article was printed in the magazine Huset Markedsføring.

Happy reading and I wish you all a great day :-)