What is SEO

What is SEO?

SEO, or Search Engine Optimization, has almost become a buzzword that is mentioned in several instances. But what is SEO? SEO is a toolbox, which you can use to optimize your or someone else’s website so that search engines have an easier time indexing and categorizing the website in question. Besides making a search engine’s job easier, it also rewards you by giving you more customers. This happens because they have an easier time finding your website, as a search engine will have less trouble presenting your site to relevant customers.

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SEO Glossary

SEO Glossary

While working with Search Engine Optimization you might stumble upon words that you have never seen before. Our extensive glossary was created to help you gain an overview of some of the most common expressions with a concise explanation. We hope that you find great use of this glossary and that it helps you on your journey to become a SEO expert!

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how to work more efficiently with danish google ads

How to work more efficiently with Google Adwords

My most recent article in, where I write about how to work more efficiently when working with Google Adwords. The article is called: “How to work more efficiently with Google Adwords”, and its target group is Google Adwords specialists, who work with large amounts of data. Read more

working with automation in digital marketing

Working with automation in digitial marketing

I have written an article on “automation” (ie how to save time by working with large amounts of data) when working with digital marketing such as Google AdWords and SEO. The article was printed in the magazine Huset Markedsføring.

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hello world of danish google adwords

Hello world of Adwords

Hello dear world of Google Adwords and internet marketing!

This is my first blog posting on, so I hereby welcome myself as a blogger. I will be writing about Google Adwords, Google Analytics, Microsoft Bing Ads, SEO, Pay per click advertising, Search engine marketing, digitial marketing and what ever comes on top of my mind. I hope you’ll enjoy reading my blog, and hope you’ll find some inspiration. Read more